Festive Moods II

11 thoughts on “Festive Moods II”

  1. Aarbee, delightful to hear that you had real fun this Diwali! I’m sure the ‘Dilli Darshan’ trip must’ve been gruelling, but still loads of fun. But where are the rangoli pics? I don’t see them in the collage.P.S. I hope the festive mood will continue.. 🙂


  2. Strange! No one commented on the pic in the bottom right corner… awesome rangoli ke saath AWESOME smile ke baare mein bhi likh dete… 🙂


  3. WandererAwesome na? :DI hope the festive mood continues too.. 🙂ShadyOk, I’m grinning. 😀B. O’Hemian🙂DKThanks. Yes, big big week. 🙂


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