11 thoughts on “(Sur)real”

  1. Aarbee, this time it’s my turn to be out of words. I really don’t have words to tell you how very special you are, and how loved you make me feel. And the last line you wrote is so overwhelming, coz it captures exactly what I feel. P.S. Since I’m a bit too overwhelmed (rather unusual for me)… I can’t resist cracking a PJ.. Can I call myself the (sur)real slim shady from now on?? 🙂


  2. I’m happy for you Richa, beyond words! I know what you are talking about, how this one person makes everything so beautiful for you!Keep sharing the smiles, the laughter and your life with him! I’m overwhelmed too!And darling you SO deseve to be loved like this, I’m sure He has his own ways to compensate for your emotional exhasution in the past!! I think there’s more to come your way..Now it’s your turn to walk on roses minus the thorns!Love ya and bless him! 🙂


  3. Congrats 🙂 Happy for you, I am, very much! May Aphrodite (and Madana, of course) be with you. @ShadyThere’s a shady in all of us, but it takes a special one to be the (sur)real slim shady! Congrats 🙂


  4. Shady:-)You can call yourself absolutely anything you want to. It won’t stop me from using your ’embarrassing’ so-called nicknames. 😀 😛DKThank you. :-)Yes yes, Sunday is most important. 🙂Neha:-)Nehu, I love you so much baby!! And I know that you are genuinely happy for me. Somehow I’m getting reminded of the time when you told me about things. :)Mil tu mujhe Monday ko. We’ll talk in detail. Muah! 🙂B. O’HemianThanks, Yoda! 🙂


  5. OMG!!!! You dint even tell us…You’ve totally forgotten your work frens.. N to think all the time we spent talking abt love live n al…I’m HURT! 😦


  6. LynnSorry yaa…Shady read your comment and says that you can ask my mom…I was with you just the other day. :)I’ll meet you all and talk about it in detail. Ok?


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