So a friend retweeted what another batchmate from SRCC tweeted about. He mentioned, among other things, that the use of letter M in economics is for ‘income’. From whatever little I could recall (and also considering that I do still use a lot of such abbreviations), I thought it was Y for income. And I … Continue reading Itchy

Bheja Fry

A day that started on a hyper note – sleeping at 0130, waking up at 0500 and then setting and resetting alarms every 10 minutes till 0700 to catch just a little more sleep.So, with just a little sleep I could hear some buzzing in my head just before the exam. Not a good sign, … Continue reading Bheja Fry

Puppets and Paupers

Economics is back on the table! Not that it could or would have gone anywhere far yet…but yes, I am officially back to the grind. I wish somebody gave me an official datesheet too so that I could start planning stuff. It has been delayed enough! So, with the subject coming back, day-dreaming is back … Continue reading Puppets and Paupers