Thank You Very Much!!

20 thoughts on “Thank You Very Much!!”

  1. U know, I’ve realised that in my 2nd year itself…I;m not meant for Eco and have no great love for it….and i have no idea how I’m supposed to survive another year.


  2. ShreyaYou know what I did? I didn’t even allow myself to say that to myself any time before the end of this year. (Officially, of course, it was in Candid. :D) But you know, there’s a big psychological game involved too. I wish I had not confessed this before the final exams either. I’ve made it even more difficult for myself to study.So if you think what I am saying is making sense, start lying to yourself. Or at least remind yourself that Eco’s not bad. Just that your equation with it is a little out of balance and it’ll be fine after some time.And of course, you can chuck all this if you think you don’t need it. πŸ™‚AmiyaOh yeahhh…hanging in! Venting did not just make me feel better, it made me study properly after that too.Yay!


  3. THE day I’d write my last final exam is coming.. soon.. (OH MY GOD)The thought is SO exciting and scary. Grrr.But I still DON’T have to study like you guys! *evil grin*


  4. u know what, thts exactly what i do!!!! i tell myself tht i CHOSE this n so i obviously like it… cribbing about it does tend to make it much worse….oh, n i finally updated!!


  5. DKMy college, my marks in the subject in 12th, and the thought of it being a challenge for me (long story behind that). Of course, I liked whatever I knew of it till then too.SinjiniYeah, I know you like History. Following in someone’s footsteps, huh? :-)And I’m not unhappy. Was just a little irritated that time. RohitYeah, you just work on never-ending submissions. *evil grin*ShreyaHmmm..yeah.And I’ve left a comment too. πŸ™‚


  6. My two bit before this becomes a war. I had eco in 11 and 12. And I did fairly ok that time, but never liked it enough to consider doing any more with it. But I had similar frustrations with history…in spite of liking it very much. So, you are not unique in your sorrow…that should cheer you up. Just 42 days more. All the very best.


  7. RohitGood for you.:DWoodsmokeYay! I know yaa…just the way these exams are conducted irritates the hell out of everyone. You suddenly need to know SO much! But good to know that you’ve been here too. πŸ˜€


  8. My sentiments exactly!@ Shreya: I realised that in first year itself. 😦 I’ve survived 2 and a half years, so I guess you can easily survive one year. Although, I think I’m already starting to run out of steam. Not now, not so close to the end! 😦


  9. i couldn’t help but notice that you said you have exactly 42 days left. have u ever read the ‘hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”?if you have, you’ll know what i’m talking about. if you haven’t then it’s too long to explain really.a little freaky, that’s all.


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