Heart Throbbers

11 thoughts on “Heart Throbbers”

  1. loved the post.. never seen anyone write this well.. about elevators!!! what’s it called btw.. elevatorophobia or something!! haha… waxing eloquent about ur fear of elevators sure was a goooood idea! keep it going..


  2. DKHmmm…if there is no new better invention coming up to replace it then yeah…I might as well get used to it. :(And glad you liked the title. You’re the pro when it comes to those. 🙂DeepakHehe…Thanks man! Good to see you here after so long.I have no clue what it is called…elevatorophobia or whatever! It’s not nice…that’s all I know.Thaaaanks… 🙂


  3. hahahaha. that was hilarious! never thought i’d ever enjoy reading something which revolved around, well, elevators….and do tell us what happens when you join your new office. :-p


  4. Hey, how do I address you? I don’t wanna call you memyself_n_i. It’ll feel a lil weird, if you know what I am saying. :-)Glad you liked the post.And well, I’ll let you know about my office. I’ll let the whole world know. I’ll be the happiest woman if it’s on the ground floor. (Not basement! Hutch sucks too much. Ugh!)


  5. Finally someone else who simply hates elevators!!!!They are disgusting and especially the all steel ones…looks like a iron coffin you are entering into. But yes you get used to…especially if you shift your house to the 8th floor!!! but yes I pray everytime I enter and don’t stop till the darn door opens! Nice post by the way!


  6. KanuI agree, the all-steel ones are the worst of them all. Ugh!And my house on the 8th floor? I won’t let my parents buy such a house and neither would I buy one myself. Problem solved. :DThanks…


  7. hey tht was hilarious…i dint knw elevators cud be this funny..or sud i say lifts…neway u write very well lady and u made me laugh….all the best for the new office hope its on the first floor..:)


  8. Nice post… “But definitely something that’s above the stomach and below my head”… Haha!! :DNever knew you disliked elevators so much. Right up there on your list with cats, are they?And loved the joke!!


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