18 thoughts on “Apologetically…”

  1. Interesting blog…… Aise, incase you are in need of blogupdates you could have used some other feed aggregator as well… Assuming you use Gmail, you could even use their webclips to get updates…..!!


  2. RohitI think I need to make that study while chilling. 😀AnunayHey, thanks. :-)Hmmm…didn’t think about that earlier. Maybe I can try it out some time.DKI’ve hyperlinked it in that sentence itself. It’s screamingwinds.blogspot.com.


  3. Sucks when html doesn’t work probably, nahi! Pffff. Nice that it’s working fine now. From now on, I’ll be coming here to check which blogs have been recently updated.


  4. I always used to wonder what the arrow next to some names in Woodsmoke’s blogroll meant. Figured out a few days back but still wasn’t sure. Now I just feel stupid. 😦


  5. Lol..once a beggar told me I would fail…when i don give him anyting…Lol i passed…and yes..i could have failed easily..i was expecting….funny….n ty for the comment


  6. TaniaYeah, exams!!!AmiyaYeah. And considering that I don’t even know much of HTML, it sucks more.And yay! This way you won’t miss out any of my posts. Not that that happens much anyway, but even then! 😀JayantAwww…poor you! But I’m so sorry, I have to let you know my first reaction – hihahhaaa…. 😀 😛RajeevThanks man! :-)Peace it is!StandbymindSee! I’m telling you…it works JUST the other way.And good to have you here. :-)I’m in love with your templates man. The DP tooooo! 😀


  7. That was nice one. I like your blog and of course the entries, very simplisitic they are. Keep writing. I’m adding you on my list if you dnt mind. see u!


  8. WoodsmokeGood to know she’s happy. 🙂KanuWell, isn’t it? Yeah! At least since the time I started visiting. But yeah, there were one or two personal posts too. Phir bhi…mostly short stories. Good ones. :DThe ad is definitely good. The more people that see it, the better it is. Perspective GirlHey, thanks for the compliment. 🙂Tania and AshishCoolio! 🙂


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