Wishing Well

I don’t know the reason, but the blogging rate seems to have dropped here in the past two weeks. Maybe I’ll just claim my usual – work is getting to me. Keep that raised eyebrow away, one CAN have employers who expect you to work. And one can be good at mismanaging time too. Both … Continue reading Wishing Well


Sad news: the flab is coming back. Uh, all that sweat! It is moments like this that make you want to go, “Why god, why…why me?” But can you blame me if I had a bad fall last year? If other than dislocating a bone, I also screwed some other things inside? And tell me, … Continue reading Random

Heart Throbbers

Yes, we’re talking about elevators here. They’re mean! The main, the most important and the simplest reason is that they make my heart sink. Or maybe it’s my lungs. Or say, the liver? But definitely something that’s above the stomach and below my head.Could it be something coming up instead of sinking? Ummm…nah! It’s definitely … Continue reading Heart Throbbers