7 thoughts on “Random”

  1. Back pain: That’s bad… sorry about that. I sympathize, but that “electrocution” is too much! I had taken that every day for one and a half month, it’s no more than a tingle! NDMC: What is it that you have to do?HSBC: I will show my friends in HSBC this! This may not resolve your problem, but they should still know!Hope you enjoy your Kishore Kumars… good night 🙂


  2. B. O’HemianIt’s NOT a tingle!! And today my doc was also acting slimy, asked me if I want increased ‘tingle’. Hmph! Sab bade log aise hi hote hain. But why did you need it? When?Well, there was some trash lying outside my house for several weeks. The local cleaner said it’s not her work. CPWD says it’s NDMC’s work. NDMC cleaners only come on Diwali and New Year’s. So I finally put on my gloves and cleaned it up myself.Yes yes, show it to ALL HSBC people. God knows what they’re employed for. Can’t even generate a PIN and send it across! Bloody!Kishore toh always enjoying. :)Good nights! 😀


  3. My father always curses HSBC and all other private banks. He always claims that his bank is the best:-)High Blood pressure? Oh, that’s not a problem. Just stop taking raw salt.Sorry about your back pain though.I know how much trouble it can cause as my mother’s back pain is revived every winter.


  4. HSBC? Ah yes. Took two months here. How I’ll tell you.After the company I slog for got my account done (didn’t take long at all, no) they sent fancy shit home – card, welcome messages, application forms, offers, etc.I asked for the debit PIN thrice. Didn’t work. Wrote an email. Didn’t work.Then one fine day I decided to go to their GK branch while hanging out there. I asked to meet the manager flashing my card since I am a customer. I told him in very calmly that I want to return the card as I don’t quite fancy keeping rectangular shiny silver objects that aren’t of any use AND that he can happily shove it up once I leave his room. I used those words.I got the PIN in two days.


  5. SinjiniAnd which one is your father’s bank?I wish high BP was only affected by the salt intake. 🙂RohitThat is quite an interesting story. I am tempted to do the same, but I wonder if the nearest branch will entertain me this way or not, ‘coz my branch is in Gurgaon.But I really should try it out. Will be worth it. :-)And yes, I shall take care. Thanks. 🙂


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