"Band Bajega"

Some responses to this one please. You discuss with friends about turning 21 soon. How it suddenly is bringing a strange feeling with it. How it is a little scary. How when we were young, 21-year-old didis and bhaiyas looked SO old. And bam! One Saturday morning, you’re brushing your teeth, and Ma sitting close … Continue reading "Band Bajega"

Heart Throbbers

Yes, we’re talking about elevators here. They’re mean! The main, the most important and the simplest reason is that they make my heart sink. Or maybe it’s my lungs. Or say, the liver? But definitely something that’s above the stomach and below my head.Could it be something coming up instead of sinking? Ummm…nah! It’s definitely … Continue reading Heart Throbbers

The Seven Sisters

This is a story of a family that has seven girls and ‘plans’ to have more. No boys because they’re not as cute. Two cute little twins were born in 1992. At 15, they’re experimental, fun, and adaptive. Two more twins were born into the same family in July 2002. But they’re completely different from … Continue reading The Seven Sisters