"Band Bajega"

10 thoughts on “"Band Bajega"”

  1. It seems only that I was thinking about becoming an adult. Well, I did become an adult; only to know that life was so much easier as a kid when other adults used to pacify you when you ranted and cried and broke that damn vase on the table; rather than saying What the f***Gosh I still don’t believe that I am an adult. The mismatched (pair of?) socks that I am wearing would make you that believe too.


  2. Oh badhaiyaan badhaiyaan! Now you’re in the “most wanted” category, han? Great going girl! Keep it up. :PAnd turning 21 isn’t so bad. I’ve lived with it for the past 3 months and I still haven’t lost my mind. =)


  3. Aditya AnandHmm. Sure it was easier but for me personally, turning an adult wasn’t such a big deal. Even turning 21 isn’t, but for weird incidents like these!RohitKoi baat nahi…has le. Mera din bhi aayega! 😐JayantThank you thank you! Bilkul ‘most wanted’ hoon. Dekha! Tum logon se pehle! :DI know turning 21 won’t be too bad but it’s just becoming scarier by the day yaar. I want to stay at 20 for some more time.:(DKHehe…Arre ye kuch nahi hai yaar. This is not family pressure…it’s not even family. But would this have affected your suggestions? 🙂


  4. Haha, so you’ve received a rishta!! 😀 :DWhat does the guy look like?! :PAbout turning 21 – it sooo doesn’t feel like 21 to me. But then it didn’t feel like 18 either three years ago. In fact, if I think about it, I’m FINALLY feeling 18-ish now that I’ve turned 21. I assume I’m just slow.But I guess the rishta thing you can just treat as one of those good jokes life throws at you, since there isn’t any family-wamily ka chakkar (which might’ve made it dangerous!). About ‘growing up’, oh well like I wrote earlier, can’t help you any there :-/


  5. Tu good girl hain?My first such rishta reached my granddad in Calcutta. I was 20 then, just passed out from Stephen’s. It had just been a month…no MA degree in sight, no job. Just being a Stephanian was enough. My grandfather did not even bother getting in touch with any of us in Delhi. Instead he wrote back saying, “My granddaughter has at least ten more years of education ahead of her.” I was most angry with him on being told that! First, at least I should have been given a chance to see who the guy was! Maybe he had Bon Jovi’s face or something!!!Secondly, I was angry for this assumption that I was going to study for ten more years! Was he crazy to think that I would want to get more than one Master’s degree?(As has been proven, my granddad was right. And his “I told you so” still unnerves me. He has made some other predictions too about me…and they are even more alarming!)


  6. AmiyaI don’t know what the guy looks like, neither do I know his name. And I think it’s best to keep it that way for now. :DHaan, good joke hi hai. Is case mein toh there isn’t even much choice. :)This whole turning 21 thing is weird and new for me too. I never got any such feelings at turning 13 or 18 or 20. Not nice! 😐SubhadipPata nahi kaisa dikhta hai yaar. Maybe I should have at least asked for his picture. Dammit! Abhi first time tha na, isliye galti ho gayi. Next time agar in sab qualities ke saath good-looking bhi hua toh haan kar denge. Theek hai? WoodsmokeLike I told you, I am quite curious about these ‘other alarming predictions’. In a mood to reveal those?You liked Bon Jovi’s face? George Clooney toh tab bhi tha yaar.


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