Amit Paul

5 thoughts on “Amit Paul”

  1. Clearly the best on Indian Idol. I like Emon too, but this guy’s voice is a class apart. So mature, so fresh! Excellent singer. And all this when he’s not even had proper training. This is what I call pure natural talent. I hope he wins.


  2. I don’t follow it but every one seems to be hopeful for him. Ok, win, boy. And don’t just get lost like whoever-won-last-time on every-random-talent-hunt across thousand networks.


  3. Yeah, he’s got a great voice. I didn’t follow the show from the beginning so I just know that he got eliminated once, did he… wow, shocker.Anyway, if he wins (which, err, he might not, knowing how these shows turn out) he would deserve it.


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