The Seven Sisters

13 thoughts on “The Seven Sisters”

  1. :)I have lost count of the number of times my ears have been pierced. You know that story and the motivation behind those piercings, so we shall NOT repeat that here. But yeah, I was your age when those experiments happened…ah youth! Enjoy. I invested in my first indulgence in the US last week…what else but a pair of silver earrings. It felt good to make an utterly useless purchase for a change.


  2. Haha, weirdly cute post!! I was reading & wondering if it’s some family you’re acquainted with…. cute :)And yeah, would like to repeat Subhadip asked.


  3. Woodsmoke:-)I know the story and the motivation but you should not have stopped wearing earrings in them. Kya cool lagte hain!And I am so proud of you! Ek picture dikhao naye earrings mein. :-)And oh, I bought my most expensive silver earrings recently. They’re bloody hot! And I’m bloody broke. 😦SubhadipUmm…when I wrote that boys are not that cute, it was just the whole spirit of Women’s Day rubbing off on me. But yeah, we could use your version. Ah, then it will be perfect…Hot men/hot tattoos. 😛Rohit:-)Cool!!DK😀AmiyaHehhe…I’ve given the explanation uppar.


  4. SinjiniOyeee…you’re back! I’m guessing that the exams are over(?).It’s cool if you don’t fancy them. You save yourself some pain that way. But thanks for liking the post. 🙂


  5. love this post!!! even i thought it was actually some family u were talking bout… n i LOVE piercings….aparently my body doesnt…the stupid things get infected…lord knows ive tried enuf time to increase the number from the basic “2”!!n sorry for commenting suddenly on old posts…but im checking your blog after a very long time, n i just feel like commenting on each and every post!!!!


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