Mind Game

10 thoughts on “Mind Game”

  1. I have a mental block against people or sentences that tell me (without my asking them) what I should or should not be doing. Which is why my mind reacted against your post every time it had such a sentence…meaning pretty much your entire second paragraph. So I shall answer only one question. “Can I please say I love myself?” Of course you can. You SHOULD (:D) love yourself the most. If you don’t keep yourself happy, how will you make others so?


  2. I will give you some gyan (or pice of my mind) tomorrow, and that’s because I have nothing to say right now. Am incapable of thinking anything at the present moment. 🙂


  3. WoodsmokeThat was not how I really meant to convey what I was thinking. Wherever I wrote ‘you’ I did not quite mean ‘you’ as much as I did ‘I’. But I see what you are saying. And YEAH, I love myself the most. 🙂SwetankOkay!


  4. Whoa so many thoughts.. I was lost some place..But I will this much, if you don’t love your self or have respect for yourself, no one else will.When you hold your self in a place whatever place you chose, you will know what is the right thing to do to keep it that way.Have a nice day.:)


  5. I hope this finds you in happier mood than when you wrote the post. One should not give up smiling or being happy, just because of bad memories! I am sure everyone has experienced more happiness than sorrow!I think the key is to understand that in life, there are things that will happen, without our approval. How many things in our life do we have control over? Cheer up!


  6. I don’t know what people are talking about…I personally think its a lovely post and very well done. Proud of you girl for being so honest about it and yes…happy you are and happy you shall be…Happy Woman’s Day. God Bless!


  7. RohitYeah, it’s fun.And I know it doesn’t always make you sad. Some songs do.EUI agree. Love and respect for yourself and for everyone around are two very important things. :-)Thanks.SubhadipHmmm. I hardly see anything that I have control over. The most I have is on myself.KanuThanks! :-)Happy Women’s Day to you too!! 🙂


  8. I really liked reading the post, especially the bit on happiness. Don’t have anything to say right now, though. I think I’ll just read it again.


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