8 thoughts on “Don’t Stop”

  1. I agree with Subhadip here, and so the ad doesn’t particularly work for me. And which one is snickers again? As in what kind of chocolate bar is it?


  2. KanuDitto. Actually, I don’t quite hate it but I don’t like it either. And what is a chocolate if you don’t enjoy it! So yeah, ditto! 😀SubhadipOh! But they’re selling a chocolate.RohitGood for you!! :)And I’ve never seen anything like this earlier, so I love it. WoodsmokeOh, Snickers is really really heavy with lots of nuts, peanuts, etc. One usually sees Toblerone, Mars, Snickers, etc. being sold at the same place. Kuch yaad aaya? I don’t know how else to describe it.


  3. Same as Sayantani. Hadn’t seen the ad earlier, so thought it was an “issued in public interest” campaign promoting tolerance, against rioting, or something.LOVE the bar though, just LOVE it!!


  4. AmiyaI wonder why all of you are thinking like that. Mujhe to ek baar bhi aisa nahi laga. Hmmm…And I think it’s the coffee people who like Snickers so much! 😀


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