9 thoughts on “College Sweethearts III”

  1. Arz000nYou gotta keep guessing. 😀WoodsmokeHeyyy…thank you!!And I WILL cherish them without a doubt.RohitWe’re an encouraging lot. More than laughing, we told each other that we’re all looking good. 😀JayantHey, come on. Memories might be making you a little sad right now but they will always bring back smiles to your face after this. And if they don’t, check out the matrimonials. They definitely will. Or so I hope. 😛Ash and DKThanks! 🙂AmiyaMe too. All of them!


  2. Some thing wrong with your feeds? I don’t get any updates that you have posted.Hey you will find me on Rohit’s blogroll.Btw I love the collage.It is such lovely memories.Will come back for the add some other time.


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