College Sweethearts II

14 thoughts on “College Sweethearts II”

  1. Swetank:-)I did not want to write what I did either. But I kinda needed to explain the picture to those who aren’t in it.EUCheers!But where have you beeeeen??WoodsmokeAmen.RohitYeah, they do till the time people want them to.


  2. And it seems to me, you (guys) lived your (college) life, like a candle in the wind! Aur yeh “Neha steps” kyun hai? Ek post us pe ho jaye?


  3. The photo took some time to upload and I was wondering which pic you had put there, I was prepared to see figures in yellow, pink, black, white and WHOA!!!!!Can’t even describe the beautiful feeling, especially right now when I am getting all senti!Thanks for the beautiful post!God bless ya..


  4. DKHmmm. I know. But yeh dil hai ki maanta hi nahi. 😛SubhadipWanna elucidate on that thought?Neha Steps pe post? Hmmm. Dekhna padega. 🙂Ishani, Neha, Jayant and AmiyaLove you guys!! *Big hug!* 🙂KanuTouch wood. 🙂EUCool! I’m waiting for a new post on a new blog.


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