Dot of Happiness

I love my blog. I love me. I love the world. I love travelling. I love my blog. I love my past. I love (I know I will) the future. I love music. I love dancing. I love my blog. I love photography. I love winters. I love beaches. I love colours. I love my … Continue reading Dot of Happiness


I have a sensitive nose. Not just in terms of it being in pain even if you touch it, but also because of the fact that I have an extremely strong sense of smell. And that has two aspects to it.1. I can smell things from a distance.2. I associate people, places, and time with … Continue reading Clairessence

First Love

I went back to school today. Met some of my teachers, and spent a good amount of time feeling happy. 🙂 Spent Prep playing here. And somehow I enjoyed being around those Ashoka trees more than on the swings n all. I was 5 years old then. Phew!! This is a corridor in the Junior … Continue reading First Love