Special Times

Apparently getting married is not easy. I have witnessed so many cases of people struggling, parents opposing, breakdowns happening and what not. But then there are many positive results too. I guess everyone just loves the drama. Case in point is Varun’s wedding. It took more than three years to get all approvals. Kind of … Continue reading Special Times

Nostalgia, eh?

Over the past two weeks I have had the word ‘miss’ flash on my Facebook and Gtalk a gazillion times. People are expressing the sentiment about college getting over via their status updates and new photo albums. Me, something somewhere has died. Or maybe I am too busy feeling other emotions to have space for … Continue reading Nostalgia, eh?

Screw It!

I made an effort to look good to feel good today. Good hair day and my super-sexed black-rimmed glasses from the past added to it. So, mentally, I feel better. Yesterday, while I was at the hospital, a revolution began in college. This time it was more than words. The man I hate is almost … Continue reading Screw It!

Corporate Culture

It’s a phase where I am getting bogged down by the legacy of a brand that I carry with myself wherever I go. I thought I washed it out when I joined my present college, but turns out I was wrong. I know I can be enthused by this fact and use it to my … Continue reading Corporate Culture