The Old Gang

In July ’07, there was a post here about two friends who made it to Delhi School of Economics. I am happy to inform that they’re both placed now with PWC and Citi and will be rich very soon. 😀Belonging to the same ‘group’, another two will be joining Titan and Genpact soon. Three are … Continue reading The Old Gang

A Diary Entry

The day has come when I have started longing for college. I long for those moments. Today, I got one of my last few shots at it. It’s literally a countdown now. Collected the admit card today, will write five exams over the next month. Five days. One week after the last exam, a lot … Continue reading A Diary Entry

RJ’s and APJ’s

RJ is a man every person who knows him has an opinion about. Not just an opinion, it’s a case of extreme like or dislike. I’m no different. I’ve liked him extremely, and hated him the same. He taught me in the first two years of college; made me miserable by not letting me pass … Continue reading RJ’s and APJ’s