A Diary Entry

11 thoughts on “A Diary Entry”

  1. I had a strange feeling your post was going to be about college the moment I saw your blog is updated.Well.. as everyone puts it, guess only memories can “bring back” smiles. Enjoy yourself 🙂


  2. Oh it was an awesome, awesome, awesome day!! One of the best ever in college, maybe the best!! The expression on those two’s faces as people who had left came back, and as they were unwrapping gifts and all…. ohhhhh BEAUTIFUL!Oh you forgot to mention Harry, all three of us braved the horrible sun roaming about in Kamla Nagar… now that’s not such a nice memory.And wow, what a coincidence, I also watched Snippets late last night. Got back the CD from Jay so felt like watching it… dunno if it was just cuz I’d got it back that I wanted to see it, OR cuz I subconsciously needed to see a “college video” after the amazing day we had together… don’t know. Oh I love, LOVE that movie. Will love Preeti & Vidyun forever for it 🙂


  3. Oh man! Thank you so much for an amazing birthday! I will never ever forget it! It was just out of this world and I was so over the moon!!WOW! THANKS! :)Oh and a BIG thanks for V, Ami and Harry for all the running around! 🙂


  4. Oh, it was truly TRULY an amazing day. Thanks again guys!True about the not-nice Chinese restaurant. And it was fun making them wait. :DLoved the videos! And thank God, ‘Snippets’ finally played. Yeah, Ami, V and Harry rock! You do too. :)Thanks again!! Love ya guys!!


  5. RohitOh, so you’ve also become psychic? Achha hai… :-)Yeah, memories bring back smiles a lot of times. :)Blogger’s a moron! Hit him on the head.AmiyaOh yeah, Harry too. Champion cutus. hehhe….Yeah man, I loved Snippets too. It’s awesome!! AWESOME!IshaniHapppppyyy birthday to youuuuu!!!! 😀DKHmm. But how can people just come on the streets like this and make ‘laws’ for everybody? Bhopal isn’t that small a city either. StandbymindThe dp guy!! :DHmmm. I’ll let you know when I make it. 🙂JayantThe gist of it – we love you too!! 😀


  6. Its a strange feeling when you are just about to leave college. I cursed my coll for the four year I spent there and yet when I went back for my convocation, that was some place that felt like home. Best of luck for your exams and whatever you plan to do afterwards.


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