I’m Tired

Expression. Inexpressive. Snap. Draw a line. Discomfort. Surrender. Hold on. Let go. Distance. __ One thing that I really appreciate about a lot of people around me is the fact that they appreciate my being honest with them. I realise that I end up being too blunt at times, but they understand. They’re quite nice. … Continue reading I’m Tired

Hold On

Someone’s past, someone else’s present. People are different but they are almost the same. Those tears mean the same, that hurt is the same; it’s the same old shit.Things still hurt, people still exist; misunderstandings have no solutions it seems. I know I am fine as soon as I start talking, but it all comes … Continue reading Hold On

A Diary Entry

The day has come when I have started longing for college. I long for those moments. Today, I got one of my last few shots at it. It’s literally a countdown now. Collected the admit card today, will write five exams over the next month. Five days. One week after the last exam, a lot … Continue reading A Diary Entry

God, I’m Rich!

There are always some people around you who’ve been sent to make you smile. They’re around when you need to be told that everything’s not all bad. There are girls to sit with you and abuse all the men in your life with you. When you yell, they are nearly mute to balance it. You’re … Continue reading God, I’m Rich!