God, I’m Rich!

11 thoughts on “God, I’m Rich!”

  1. Well, what do you know…I’m the first one here! :)LOVED the first para! Beautiful is the word.And as for all the friends you’ve mentioned, I just hope you never ever have to talk about your relationships with them in the past tense. Good friends are just too precious to lose over petty issues.Oh, and yeah, Neha=Strength. No doubt about that. 🙂


  2. “They are important”. Yes,it’s just like you’ve said. Friends are so important.My friends at school do not share many things with me.I don’t like the topics of discussion(which are mostly about boys of our school ). a I had become a bit lonely during a ceratin period last year. But, blogging changed everything. Now, I have lots of friends and I don’t care when I see some of those girls putting their heads together and discussing something.There is only one girl with whom I still share lots. That is Sritama.


  3. Jayant:-)Thanks for all the nice words.And yes, no doubt at all.WoodsmokeIt’s my pleasure. 🙂Subhadip and RohitThanks guys. 🙂ShreyaI know. :)But what sounds cliched? The post or your comment? 😀DKYou too! 🙂SinjiniI can imagine. At times it gets hard to find your kind of people. But I’m glad you think blogging helps. And I’m sure Sritama is a lucky girl. 🙂


  4. Saw ur blog… and the thing that struck me was – well.. isn’t that in your name- Rich(a).. 🙂 (BTW can I call you Rich, I call my friend by the same name).. and come to think of it.. I think I call her that coz, it’s me who is rich – rich to have her as my friend.. :)I am sure your friends feel the same way for you.. Keep Smiling 🙂 dear one


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