9 thoughts on “It Was Negative Energy”

  1. RohitAhem. What Sayani Di said.WoodsmokeI was losing it. Paint was my last resort. Post is about nothing.AmiyaIt is nothing. Only a lot of frustration. I like the colours too. 🙂


  2. DKArre woh Hindi nahi bhoola hai. Tabhi to usne ‘cha’ padha. Sirf Hindi mein haath tang tha isliye ‘ri’ nahi padh paaya. :PAnd by the time this ‘drawing’ ended, the negative energy had almost died. So in that sense, maybe yes…it was going down.


  3. I couldnt recognise THAT damn thing! Haan haan haath tang hai.. hmph! I still passed the Hindi patrikaritaexam in the university exam in my first year! Hahahaa.x(


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