(Not) Too Long!

More than 4 days! I don’t like this place at a slow pace. It’s almost like you not taking a bath and it irking YOU the most. Uh…not the best of analogies, that!Everybody is talking about college getting over. I’m talking about it too, but it has not yet sunken in. Classes are over but … Continue reading (Not) Too Long!

Living It

0400 hours: Everybody is tired but in a mood to have fun so the camera begins to roll and so does the madness.This was while a cousin was in the middle of wedding vows. The rest of us, as always, found some place else to lose it. The dancers (Nidhi and I) gear up and … Continue reading Living It


Everything is running; everyone is running; the time is running; and the work is running too. As of now, I am just chasing. I think it would be more pleasant once I catch up and can jog along.Till then, I’m enjoying the thought of struggle. I don’t want that ten years down the line someone … Continue reading Non-Stop