(Not) Too Long!

6 thoughts on “(Not) Too Long!”

  1. Hmm…you think everyone will move away and I have a feeling that many of us will still be here. Let’s see how it turns out…And about the feeling you’re talking of, the one that says, it’s all coming to an end, I’d say I’m on a similar ground as you. It’s not struck me yet either. Makes me wonder at times if I’m really gonna miss everyone. I know I will(badly), but there is still this unsettling feeling inside. You know, I’m really looking forward to the farewell, not because of what it signifies, but more because of the simple fact that we’re actually getting one. Brrr…strange. I’m waiting for the moment the realisation will actually dawn upon me.


  2. JayantI did not have anything to say in reply to your first comment. But to your second one – it’s struck me too. And I don’t even know whether it’s for the good or not. But I know that it has been one of the most gloomy days I’ve ever spent. My night was the same too. Uhhhhhh…..DKDid that.IshaniWilllll doooooooo! 🙂


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