Rise and Fall

6 thoughts on “Rise and Fall”

  1. Village & farms setting?! Thursday’s sunset?? What, what? I’m so completely outta touch with your blog. Anyway, back now, so I’ll go catch up with what you’ve been up to.


  2. RohitYeah, man! It was incredible!!Yes, it is true for most of us. And no matter how hard I try, waking up that early is impossible for me…the only exception is exam days. 😦EUOh I like the way you’ve put it. Yeah, I’m blessed. Wow! 🙂AmiyaWelcome back!!! :)Village & farms because I had taken a different route to come back home on Thursday, and that one had villages and stuff.


  3. Ah okay. Ohhh and I completely forgot to tell you – LOVE the two new pics. Your school and your college. LOVE the way it’s done.


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