Thought of the day

Men disgust me. At work. On the streets. AND in personal life. They’re selfish bastards, assholes, chauvinists, retards. God knows why they think the world of themselves when they were not even born with basic sense. Fuckin’ burdens on woman-kind! Yes, they DISGUST ME! Don’t come in your defense in my comments space. I bite. … Continue reading Thought of the day

The DMRC Bubble

It’s time for some DMRC bashing today. In the last five years, I have never heard anything negative about it. In fact, it’s always been a lot of praise about their way of functioning. Now my opinion shall differ since I am seeing and experiencing things first hand. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is carrying … Continue reading The DMRC Bubble


Even though I’m kinda judgmental, I like to believe that I am not very judgmental because it is something that I am consciously working upon. But there are times when one comes across things/issues/people where you don’t want to be without an opinion. And a strong one at that. I just saw a couple of … Continue reading Disappointments


I thought politicians love being politically correct! But the BMC commissioner doesn’t even believe in doing that (apart from still struggling with flooding problems in Mumbai every year!). If the solution to a problem is killing, then why can’t we just kill all these assholes that sit in the parliament and other such places. Why … Continue reading @#$%^&!