5 thoughts on “Disappointments”

  1. I agree completely to it…….and i remember the pic u r talking about…….but not all of them are bad….and then again thinking behind taking the pic could be subjective…..


  2. One thing about photographs I like is that every photographer has his / her own reason for taking a shot. From that angle, I think the person is justified in taking those shots. Personally poverty as a subject doesn’t appeal me, as I know it doesn’t appeal to you. But we can’t stop someone from taking his shot, can we?Having said that, if the series of photograph depicting poverty is projected as “India”, that would be disappointing.


  3. DKHmm. It has to be subjective, otherwise he would never have clicked those pictures. So there isn’t really anything I can do about it. To each his own.B. O’HemianWe’ve already talked about it. 🙂


  4. Maybe he had some reason for taking those shots. But, if he has taken those shots jsut to post them on a website and not to do anything good for those unfortunate people, then I agree with you. There is no use taking such shots if we can’t help the people. In that case, it’s better to take the happy shots.


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