I Detest

12 thoughts on “I Detest”

  1. My skin crawls every time I hear “all of you all”, which is all over Indian television right now. When Manasi and I watched postings of dance shows online with the judges telling COUPLES “Both of you all…” or “All of you…”, I actually felt things creeping up my skin. Needless to say, our homesickness and corresponding dependance on desi television did not lessen because of this.


  2. WoodsmokeI know how Malaika and Saroj Khan said the same twenty times in each episode. And then there are the Karan Johars and Farah Khans of that world too! I know exactly how you feel.RohitSadly.


  3. one thing i must say that u have this passionate disgust for the things that you hate…its actually interesting..the way u can so whole heartedly know that you definitely hate that thing….great hate list kind of thing there πŸ˜›


  4. Why is the Bombay filmdom so taken up with “all of y’all”?? I feel like throwing something at the TV screen every time someone says that, it’s begun bugging me THAT much now.I can’t bargain either, and that’s a small part of why I hate shopping in general.What ad is that? Don’t think I’ve seen it.The entire city doesn’t really stink so much ya πŸ™‚ But yeah, the places that do, stink so much you’d imagine you could smell that in the other end of the city.


  5. You Detest, I agree especially with the Shankar and company ad (Pff they couldn’t even afford to put any decent cricketers in that one :P)And this “all of y’all” trend was started by Maliaka I think in some dance show. It sounded cheesy than and it sounds cheesy now!


  6. AmiyaI have similar sentiments. Really feel like throwing something at the TV!I don’t hate shopping (for myself ONLY!), and that’s why I just go to places where I don’t need to bargain.Thank your stars you have not seen the ad. It is TERRIBLE. Aired mostly during those cricket matches.Yes, the places that stink are bad enough. But I’ll still miss Delhi. 😦


  7. CrackfireYea, terrible terrible ad.And I don’t know if Malaika started it, but she was certainly one of the first few who were noticeably annoying. 😐


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