Yours Truly – One More Time

7 thoughts on “Yours Truly – One More Time”

  1. Geometry questions! What for?You’re burning all of 200 calories? That’s great!Keep up the good job.Btw, I need some help from you. I wanted to know how to upload photos on my blog. I tried doing it with the help of the “Add Image” option (it is there at the place where we create our posts), but it didn’t work out.:-(Will you please help me?


  2. SinjiniYF! :-)Geometry questions for a couple of exams that I will be writing later this year.Thanks. :)I’ve left a comment on your blog. Try and follow it and let me know how it works out. Hope it helps.


  3. Logical puzzles? Wow!! Doc Wanderer prescribes some caffeine doses and lots of sleep to keep you relaxed. Of course, you can throw in a photo shoot now and then… and of course some Joey dances too… 😀


  4. WandererCaffeine? So that I can’t even sleep my 1.5 hours? :)I thought I’d get better sleep tonight, but nope. I am going to kill you if I can’t sleep the next time I try. Aur photo shoots to hoti rehti hain. :)P.S. Aarbee does have a sense of humour. Wanna ask dear mom? 😛


  5. aaargh, no sleep? how about hot milk before hitting the sack?and wowowowow 200 calories. that is just brilliant.and i have to admit, you have a terrific sense of humour.


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