At Tower A

9 thoughts on “At Tower A”

  1. sounds good! Enjoy the weekend…..Infact I bet you would….waiting for the post on that….and btw…where are you working? I have no idea about you….how rude nahin?


  2. it will last as long as u want πŸ™‚ as for elevator phobia of urs….see this as a good opportunity to get fit πŸ™‚ u will walk 2 levels of stairs many times a day, and since u wont board the elevator, u wud stay away from choclates πŸ˜€


  3. Oh I can totally imagine the glorious feeling wearing jeans must have been after a long break from them.I have often had nightmares about that!! :PNice office you seem to have. Good! What’s Tower A? The building where you have your office?No elevators to the chocolate floor? Unfair!!!


  4. Yeah I remember how you climbed the 6th floor of my office to come and meet me, only to realize that it is 6 counting several floors like Basement 1, Basement 2, etc. Meaning 6 = 9!And it was in the summers right? Phew!Enjoying reading about your adventures on a day to day basis in a new environment. Keep us posted.


  5. KanuWeekend was great fun. :)I’m working with Watson Wyatt. Nothing’s rude. πŸ™‚DKWoh bhi point hai. :)Hehehee…good logic! Although, I did beat the phobia and sickness to get a bar of Mars for myself today. I needed that between 8 long bloody hours of inductions and con calls…one after another! Walking up and down happens only once a day. Who’d ever want to come down in the heat?!IshaniYeah, ‘glorious’ is the word! :DOffice is good so far. Chocolate floor ke liye elevator hai, stairs nahi hain! :(Yep, Tower A is the building in which my office is.RohitI haven’t advertised it. It’s a genuine problem. 😦WoodsmokeYes, your building’s system fooled me. :|And yes, it was during summers only. Glad you’re liking the posts. I’m enjoying the new environment too.Office crush? Ahem. Not really a crush.:P


  6. Guess I’ll just flick your last line, enjoy it till it lasts. And what’s with the chocolate floor? I mean, a chocolate shop up there or something? Chocolate Floor sounds SO fantastical and Roald Dahl-ian πŸ™‚


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