When The Weather Is High

11 thoughts on “When The Weather Is High”

  1. You meant Ebony & Ivory, I guess.Ocean’s Thirteen.. well yes. But it was certainly better than 12. But damn it where the fuck is all the complexity in the plot? I misses it. I was disappointed there. But it was still a decent movie. I can’t say it was a let-down overall.


  2. HOT it was….sadly even I was out in the sun almost through the weekend but thankfully the AC of my car works well so I was saved somewhat!!!”MS powerpoint should just die”…hilarious!Nothing like spending the weekend around people you care about and doing things you love! I remember when I joined the BIG BAD corporate world for close to 2 months each weekend was like a celebration!!Enjoy the ride!


  3. good to hear abt ur action packed weekend………sat was realy horrible……..but i had fun too…..loads of beer at TGIF 🙂 i have heard good reviews abt oceans13 and gonna watch it……..


  4. Oh your weekend sounded like fun! :DAnd SO busy??I wanna goto DU again.. Waaah, this sucks! :XOh and just realised, when you say I did manage to get a few shirts for myself.., that means you wear only those now.. ungh! Sad!! 😦MS powerpoint should just dieLMAO, I so agree with you! Saw a gazillion of those today, with almost all my teachers giving speeches, that I wish it too..


  5. Green is my favourite colour and very recently, I bought a green shirt too.:-) Yum! I am longing to have that pizza….Won’t be going to a mall until 14th July. So, I guess I’ll have to wait till then to taste “Ebony and Ivory”.


  6. Yeah, Rohit’s right. Must’ve been Ebony & Ivory, or that’s how the phrase goes, right?And my busy days are here too. Left office at 10:30pm last night. And it’s supposed to get even tougher in the coming week. But, it’s great nonetheless. I don’t feel useless anymore. :PThe weather’s finally become better. Today is probably the coolest day in the last few weeks. Ah, hope it rains soon.


  7. RohitYES, that was the name! Thank you. :)Yeah, the complexity was not there and I “misses” the subtlety too. 😛RichaThanks. 🙂B.People with air conditioned cars are not allowed to put ‘hot’ in caps. :DI’m enjoying but gonna be staying home this weekend. I need a break. 🙂DKLooks like everybody was out that Saturday. :)How did you like the movie?IshaniNo, it doesn’t mean that I wear only those now. And it is not sad either. Now I know that there’s shitloads of variety in shirts too. Exploring that now. :DHow’s it going there? Started with classes?SinjiniPat yourself on the back for buying that shirt. Welcome to the club! :))What’s special about 14th July?JayantYes, Ebony & Ivory it is!True – being busy is any day better than not having anything to do. We’ve known that feeling long and enough. :)It rained today.


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