8 thoughts on “DDR-QIPS-IC-AND-MEEE!”

  1. hey looooaaaaads to look forward to! have fun!!btw, real sorry i haven’t been visiting your blog for a while now. wasn’t in town n after that my net wsn’t working. how’s the job coming along?


  2. RohitYeah, that’s what I’ve been told. But turns out everybody just drinks and dances till 6 in the morning. Let’s see how long I get to stay. 🙂IshaniThese are all the projects that I’m working on. 🙂


  3. I was gonna ask what Ishani already did, I thought I was missing out something basic. QIPS sounds nice & crisp! :)My camera still not working, uhhhh :(Oh you must’ve got your first salary by now, it’s the 26th today and that’s the date you mentioned, right? Cool, so sup on the camera purchase front?


  4. AmiyaQIPS sounds crisp? Hmmm. Never did to me. It’s unbelievably complex. :)Don’t ask about salary. It’s been credited but HSBC SUCKS!!! SUCKS!! Weird hassles aren’t allowing me to withdraw! :/And get your camera fixed, woman! First thing after the exam, ok?


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