11 thoughts on “TGIF”

  1. You know your pebbles idea is so fab, I think I’ll do this every time I step out. And if I can manage the laughter fit you talked about, my, I think this city’s traffic situation can be controlled.


  2. JayantI’ve put lots of them on my Flickr page and some on my photoblog too. Tell me if you like any of them. 🙂SinjiniLaughter is the best stress buster. :)Yeah, I forgot to mention the buses because I am not travelling in them these days. They’re a pain for sure!WoodsmokeI’m relaxing at home over the weekend. What about you?RohitYeah, we should all do it!! Maybe like that Feast ad where everybody at a traffic signal starts taking that man’s case who honks a lot. Remember? 😀


  3. I was kinda weird at home too. Most probably it’s coz of the exhaution, I think.Don’t worry, this too shall pass. :)That stones idea is AWESOME! Wow! 😀


  4. SubhadipYeah, ‘ordeal’ is a good word. :DAlthough, today the weather is quite nice. But then again, it took us 3 hours to reach from AIIMS to office today. So I don’t know whether heat is better or rain.:/Car pool partners are all right so far.


  5. TaniaI’ve uploaded the photos on my photoblog anf Flickr page. Their links are in the sidebar.The weekend was good fun. I slept through it. 😀


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