A commonly-expressed thought crossed my mind early this past weekend. Freedom is inside, they say. I pondered over it for a while and thought I agreed. And then I took a morning flight to Bangalore. I landed on time, the city greeted me with delightful weather, I had a Sub while I waited for Karan … Continue reading Freedom

‘Aye Ladki!’

So! The party I mentioned in the previous post. It was supposed to be a pseudo farewell for us. Half the people were not attending, and I too went only because I felt like partying and for no other reason. Of course, I also had to wear that dress which had been in my cupboard … Continue reading ‘Aye Ladki!’


The drive back home from work was looooong (1 hour 40 minutes – point to point) but funnnnn. I was laughing so hard that I could not breathe. I was literally gasping. 😀 No reasons for that laughter, of course. Silly little things, that’s all. For instance, we decided that Monday onwards we’ll carry pebbles … Continue reading TGIF