The Perfect Sunday

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Sunday”

  1. Sid looks like he's strapped to a parachute, about to jump off a cliff !! Happy, nevertheless =pWe HAVE to go to Khadagvasla sometime .. its beautiful !!


  2. The green pic is really awesome!Red roses – of course!Sid going rock climbing / rappelling… just make sure the harness / safety line is on the waist!


  3. Wow! this feels like a lovely time spent just right!I like the green photo!and Sid! i want one too.. could you please get one for me too! and Manfred too!and Subbu, harness on his waist? not possible 😀


  4. Subhadip,Thanks! :)Of course! :DWaist pe to nahi hain. Ab kya karein? :OPrashant,It was lovely for sure.Glad u like the photo. :)I can't promise. But I will try. :)I agree, harness is not possible on his waist. 😀


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