‘Aye Ladki!’

9 thoughts on “‘Aye Ladki!’”

  1. hahahaha…”aye ladki..kya kar rahi hai” had me in splits !!! n yes…noone was a spoil sport..i LOVED it !!! i agree abt WAI…but 2 places ticked!!! yayee !


  2. So, you finally found that title to the blog post! And its perfect! Especially more because Robin was the only guy, and we were all 'Aye, Ladkis' at a point of time.Crazy crazy trip, and Im telling you, Hammer Man isnt imaginary! I was sitting at the back seat, and could almost see him and his hoarde running at us with hammers! Maybe the effect of the one too many vodka-cranberry juice drinks!Super post, though! Loved reading it!


  3. i loved the title and was in splits when i read it – aye ladki pretty well documented i say inside the temple i also told robin a mythological story and vrinda came running after me saying – i also have a question – i felt like some mythology teacher answering questions of curious students lol


  4. Interesting Aarbee :)M sorry it wasnt a farewell of sorts..Cant imagine what this campus would be without you guys..And Prashant Bhaiya,half these places serve more water or any other non alcholic base than alcohol..so milawat ensures..no one actually gets drunk πŸ™‚


  5. Priyam,I could see Hammer Man too. Just that he did not have a hammer. Or maybe because I was not wearing my glasses. But I could totally see people approaching our car in the dark.Swetha,:DBhai wo Vrinda hai! :PDeepti,Well, considering that you did not get a freshers', I don't hold it against you guys. :)You guys will have a new bunch of people who would be fresh, energetic, and not whining for the initial period. Isn't that great? Thanks for the defence. Much appreciated!! πŸ™‚


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