The Heaven Above

6 thoughts on “The Heaven Above”

  1. Wow, my first experience was when the lights went out on one summer night.I was with cousins and family and that was fun night we had.Is that god you are thanking.Some times I wonder whether he would like a hug too.Your post makes me think he might do. :))


  2. I shit you not, I was kinda drunk (and with friends) the last time I did something like this and its effect seemed to increase magnificently. I can’t even recall how it was when I was alone.


  3. EUOh, such times with cousins and family are always fun. :)Yep, God. He’s a great friend so hugs n all are routine. 🙂RohitYou shit me not? :OWoodsmokeGlad I could do that.Thanks, Woodie. 😀


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