A Drive in the Sahyadris

7 thoughts on “A Drive in the Sahyadris”

  1. sahi hai yaar… feel aa gaya read karke.. there's something beautiful about an unplanned trip,the echoes of laughter rings a cheerful bellmusic was produced as the water hit the rocksthe sun was setting in the distant west,but it left a trail of shimmer,in every ripple it brilliantly shone.


  2. Dadu,Mere ko to ye chhotu trip maar ke feel aa gaya. :)And these are some lovely words stringed together. I like. πŸ™‚Prashant, :DYou don't know what else to say.. therefore the extra Ss? :POh, and btw, these guys called me the no frill girl. Teeheee!! πŸ˜€


  3. Aarbee unleashed..Life's so beautiful when u suddently make an unplanned trip..walk a tangent and live the moment..unbound and free.. ^~^Nice compositions girl,and yeah..that smile of yours can light many a day.Tcare πŸ™‚


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