Badalti Dilli?

7 thoughts on “Badalti Dilli?”

  1. They may have become open to girls in short dresses and stuff, but they are still too pushed for politeness. I am glad (I noticed too) that DMRC has removed the word from its announcements. These nutheads don't deserve it. How many do you see forming queues for everyone's sake when the volunteers aren't around? Damn, I want to hit each one of them. Fuck knows when they will start respecting public transport (at least a system like Metro) in this city. And I am also including those carrying newspapers along with them. Literacy, really, is something else. And uncommon.


  2. People are mellow – that's good! Are you sure it's not because of your state of mind at that time?Too many girls in shorts!?!?! I am buying my tickets for Delhi!Use of “Please” and “Thank you” are anyway way short of what it should be. Don't like removal of those from public announcements. Are they trying to save some time by removing pleasant words?


  3. Subhadip,It is quite possible that it had to do something with my state of mind. But phir bhi – mellow is good. :-)Hehee… that SO doesn't suit you. But you can still get your tickets to Delhi done. :PExactly my point! Removing the words does not help anyone. At all.


  4. But since it doesn't work anyway, it's a good thing to get rid of it. These a*holes don't deserve the effort. I am proud of DMRC for this one thing.


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