Second Family

15 thoughts on “Second Family”

  1. Nice post! Good to hear about so many great folks out there… funnily enough, there’s an almost identical set of people here too… (Except that my roomie doesn’t distribute free hugs… THANKFULLY!)


  2. Sauron,Isn’t it nice to have such people around? :-)Sugat ko Grey’s Anatomy ke latest seasons la ke do… wo bhi free hugs dega. 😀


  3. acha???? drama kaun karta hai??ulti khopdi, chudail, ramsay brothers ki heroine… u dat was almost an accurate description of everyone, but i refuse to be called the dramebaaz, im seriosuly a very serious person !!!!


  4. *sniff sniff*touched.. truly!just one complaint..I AM NOT SPOILT..!!!!hmph..!!! P.S.- strangely enough.. after reading your post, this place doesn’t seem that bad after all.. thanks.. 🙂


  5. Swetha,Main thodi karti hoon drama bhai. :PYou’re learning the language. I’m proud of you. :)Tangerine,True.Thanks. :)Subhadip,Me too. :)Well, two of them already have. I’ll try and get them all here. Just wait for the Royal Screw to ease out. Rohit,Grr…Nidhi,Talk about misconceptions about the self! I’ll get you as many people as you want to testify that. :DThe only good thing about this place is really the people. So you better come back next term. Muah!


  6. Very Aarbeesque post and, as always, a good read even though I don’t know anyone (except the crazy Sahil of course) you talked about. But since it got me out of my GR, you know I liked it 🙂


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