Mind Game

If you don’t have a real reason to be happy, can you still be happy?If you are happy without a real reason, is that happiness hollow? Can happiness ever be hollow?Is there any such thing as a ‘real’ reason? Isn’t life in itself a reason? Or is that only an excuse? When you are made … Continue reading Mind Game

Through The Year

# Rang De Basanti, the movie and the reality, both happened. # A long pending wish of getting my nose pierced came true. # Trips to the walled city took place. # I slogged and scored well in the 2nd year exams. # I got to do another internship which was completely different from my … Continue reading Through The Year


Everything is running; everyone is running; the time is running; and the work is running too. As of now, I am just chasing. I think it would be more pleasant once I catch up and can jog along.Till then, I’m enjoying the thought of struggle. I don’t want that ten years down the line someone … Continue reading Non-Stop