Through The Year

5 thoughts on “Through The Year”

  1. Dunno how I missed this one. Tu bhi soch rahi hogi is post pe kahan se pahunch gayi 🙂 Clicked on “2006” in your archives, just like that. And achha hua na, yeh post mil gaya.Like the post. Very interesting, and just the sort of thing I always think you’re so good at. Cutting through the millions of things that happen all around to get to the most important ones, analysing yourself/things around you, and putting it all down in words so well.Again, I don’t think I can undertake a similar exercise for my 2006! Mine would be too cluttered and I’m sure I’ll forget a lot many important things :)(“Again” because I remembering making a similar comment to a similar post of yours on VT)Aur iska reply karegi toh mail me the reply. I don’t think I’ll remember to come wandering here again :)PS: The preview of my comment made me realize – long comment!


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