Yin and Yang

7 thoughts on “Yin and Yang”

  1. And Hutch was downright cruel to me when I was in Delhi. Most disgustingly, they continued to be cruel after I came here…sent old bills and demanded payment. I so want to sue them. Great list Richa. I made one too, mentally though. I would have cautioned you against a green and silver nosepin if you had asked me. In my initial days I tried out every possible combination…some were so bad that I didn’t even step out of my home wearing them! One such failed experiment revolved around a green nosepin. A deep, rich, dark blue would work, as would crimson. And white stones of course. And YOU know that silver will never go wrong. So silver studs (in all conceivable shapes and sizes available in GK 1 M block Market) should be worth several successful attempts.


  2. RohitHihahhaa!or was itMuhahhaaa! 🙂Sayani DiAwww…Cruel indeed!Thanks! :)Chalo never mind…now I know that it doesn’t look good. And GK 1..Siloffer’s…haina? But the man is bloody khadus! :|Btw, I saw these studs in silver that were flat and in a square shape. Looked interesting but I wasn’t too sure. So didn’t buy them. You’ve ever tried anything like that?


  3. Nope never tried the ones you mentioned. Go ahead. Experiment. And let me know the result. Also, I don’t remember the name of the stores. I remember though that there were a bunch in the same line as McDonald’s.


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