A Thousand Kilometres

9 thoughts on “A Thousand Kilometres”

  1. hey sounds like a nice trip…so finally u went of Del…good to know that :)btw i loved the first and the last pic……….very well taken…..


  2. Great pics and an even better description. I really loved the part where you describe the orange sun and the soft rays falling. It was ethereal and I totally fell in love with it. Sach. Seemed like you had a nice trip. That’s good. 🙂


  3. Hey RichaHad a nice time reading the post…just one little correction. PRTC…thats Pepsu Road Transport Corporation and not Punjab Road Transport Corporation!!!You can hear the story about Pepsu and all from me anytime!!


  4. SwetankYay! Congratulations!!:-) thanks for all the lovely words. I did have a nice trip.DKOh yes…finally! :-)And YAY! I’m so glad you liked them.SubhadipWe talked about that. I’ll post them later. 🙂BhaskarOh! Actually, I read PRTC at some place and Punjab Roadways at others so I kinda assumed that full form of PRTC. thanks for the correction but what does Pepsu mean and how come you have a lot of knowledge of it?WoodsmokeThanks so much. 🙂RohitThanks. In some time…


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