You’ve Seen This Before

4 thoughts on “You’ve Seen This Before”

  1. Wow, I haven't been here in the LONGEST time!Am SO jealous of your travels – geez, all that in one year! :OYou contested elections in college?? We sure have lost touch, haven't we!Sam to sam for Dev D. Dunno if it helped me through a tough time or made things worse. Either way, even after almost a year, it still strikes a chord with me.Umm…who's Siddhartha?


  2. Wow! You really are visiting after a long time!I used to tell people that I am jealous of all the travelling they do. And today I have your comment here. It's really a lot of effort to make it happen, but worth every moment of it. But then I am sure you're doing a lot of other things that I'm unable to do. So. :-)Hahaa.. yes, a little out of touch. That was in February.I know what you mean! My experience with Dev D music was similar. Siddhartha was a friend from school days. He lived near my home.


  3. Again coming here after ages…But this list is awesome!! Every time the year ends I see a list like that and I wonder how big is the opportunity cost :PSolid plans to start a new blog this year…let us see!!


  4. Wow! I am honoured. The oldies are coming back. :-)Hahaa.. somebody's learning their eco, I see. Looking forward to seeing a new blog from you. Good luck!


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