To Another Seven Years!

Early afternoon was chaotic….Enter calmness: Ruhi Jhunjhunwala. Thing were smooth thereon. I consider myself lucky for the friends I have, especially the ones whom I’ve managed to keep beyond a ‘relevant social context’. Miss Jhunjhunwala is one of them. She and I think and feel alike, our reactions to difficult situations as well as movie … Continue reading To Another Seven Years!

End of Term III

The term has finally come to a close. Just another two days left. These four months were the biggest drag in this place. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Emotional instability killed a lot of things. But I still have pictures to remember the few good ‘moments’. Hope you enjoy them… … Continue reading End of Term III

Economics, 501, and US

I’ve been in Delhi for three weeks now. Finally met Tarun today. He is one person I can talk endlessly with. Best of conversations in the last fours years have been with this ‘unemotional’ nerd. Have also managed to maintain a long distance friendship going weeks without talking.Each time we’ve met after completing college has … Continue reading Economics, 501, and US