End of Term III

3 thoughts on “End of Term III”

  1. The birthday dress is the most conscious you have managed to look in a pic in quite a while. I just realized I have that “dhaniya” like plant at home!. And if I were your roommate, I would have killed you for posting that snap! And oh… what is the letter that was to be published on this blog?


  2. Swetha,We missed you too that day. But couldn't you have avoided singing ahun ahun on the staircase? Subhadip,LOL! Well, friends aren't always the most comforting things around na. Isliye! Conscious kar diya tha mujhe. :PI told my roommate that this picture is on the blog. Thank god she is peace-loving. The letter. Well, keeping some of my readers' interest in mind, I could never publish it. Sahil and I are the meanest things in the world. So some things ought to remain between us only. 😀


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