Road Trips

I am hopeful that I will make some fun road trips in future, but during the last three months I have made some every day – from AIIMS to Main Sector Road, Gurgaon via Lado Sarai, Andheria More, MG Road and Sikandarpur, and then back to AIIMS. During these trips I got to know three … Continue reading Road Trips

Happy-Happy Day!

Green nosepin, green salwar, bits of green in the kurta, Green Day in my ears, and an absolutely, freakishly hot new green bag made for a great day today! Now don’t think that I looked like a tree. The nosepin, of course, is there every day. It’s a deep green. The clothes were a nice, … Continue reading Happy-Happy Day!


The drive back home from work was looooong (1 hour 40 minutes – point to point) but funnnnn. I was laughing so hard that I could not breathe. I was literally gasping. 😀 No reasons for that laughter, of course. Silly little things, that’s all. For instance, we decided that Monday onwards we’ll carry pebbles … Continue reading TGIF

Feeling Light

After four days of some heavy-duty going out/eating out my stomach started with its usual cribbing and grounded me for the next three days. So complete fun to complete rest, did it all in a week! Apart from eating things that I probably shouldn’t have, I invested time in pleasing my oldies and my dentist, … Continue reading Feeling Light