The last few months have drained all the energy out of me. Work doesn’t seem to end. Negativity seems to have grown. There isn’t enough mind space to even control the mind. Mother pointed out that I have stopped talking. And while all this goes on, one day I got a craving to see the … Continue reading 27


The year could not have been better as far as travel is concerned. The places, the terrains, the people, the streets, and the colours….across the country…with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers… made up for tales to tell and memoirs to keep for years to come.  Continue reading 2012

I went to Goa

I had a vague plan for this trip, and I didn’t go by it at all.Some things, some thoughts… I rode pillion on a bike. I let the wind make a mess of my hair. I didn’t mind the rain. The green reminded of days when I used to obsess about the colour. Pina coladas … Continue reading I went to Goa